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Really? You need a degree to work in a library? November 10, 2009

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This may look like the product of an activity that my girlfriend would do with her wee babes but would you believe that it is actually a post-graduate level assignment in England?  Now, it’s not always arts and crafts time over here but when you have one professor who needs to show something during a week named for her primary research interest and one relatively new library space that needs to look like it is worth the money they spent on it, you get this.  It’s pretty ridiculous that we are given at least three weeks notice for every assignment even unassessed work that only one member of staff will see but we are given one week and a pack of markers for work that is left out in a public space all day.  People already don’t take librarianship seriously as a discipline.  Ask any librarian student how many times they have been asked what they are studying and then asked “Oh… Do you really need a degree to work in a library?”  Well, it’s certainly not helping any of our cases when this is the work that we are made to present.


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