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The Final Post (a change of blogs) June 7, 2011

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This is the long overdue final post for this blog.  There are several reasons why I have decided to discontinue writing here.  For one, and most importantly, there is already a blog called Adventures In Librarianship which I did not realize until after I had already started posting on here.  I’m sorry for stepping on this other blogger’s toes.  I was just in too much of a hurry to start writing and build up a reservoir of content.

The other reason though is that this blog is too much of a random, catchall type of an affair.  It lacks structure and fades too easily into the Internet ether.  Once I had finished grad school, I really took some time (a lot of time) to think of what type of niche still remained unfilled within the library world.

After considerable time and thought, I have decided to follow Dr. Ken Haycock’s advice to celebrate the success of others and have created a new blog under the name Good News Librarian which will focus on all the good that libraries are doing.  Hopefully, it will be a place where libraries and librarians can feel appreciated for there efforts, where librarians can learn about the good work happening around the world that they may not have heard of, and also to be an advocacy piece showcasing everything that libraries do in addition to just being a storehouse for books (a shockingly still popular misconception)

I hope you’ll join me over at GNL and send along any successes that you have or hear about.