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Google Wave Very First Impression (Do we use new things just b/c they’re new?) January 14, 2010

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First, I want to say that I think that I am coming off as very anti-technology but I am really just cautious of embracing technology that gives us solutions which require us to search out new problems.  In this way, I think it is very interesting that Google Wave has been receiving so much hype but when I went on today to play around a little bit most people were just using it like a standard comments or forum thread.  That being said I do think that the ability to work collaboratively in real time will be a great benefit once all the kinks are worked out and new features are added.  Obviously, it is way too soon to make any sort of verdict on Google Wave but it is interesting to be able to see something like this when it is still brand new.  I know this post doesn’t really contain any real content so I will link off to the Library Journal article that provides a lot more early analysis.  I think I will try to get in on a few more waves over the weekend and then give a much better early review.  By the way, I have a few invites now so if anyone would like one just send me an email.